“Art exists today because artists continue to create it, and artists exist because art makes creation possible for them.”                                                                                                                                                                            – Harold Rosenberg

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The Artist



Welcome....About my Work


Struggling between my need to define a certain subject matter or capture a fleeting impression, can sometimes be difficult. I try to create a piece of artwork that reflects my feelings about a subject matter in a non-verbal language. I achieve these images with bold colors and expressive brush strokes suggesting the form rather than defining it. Realism turns to abstract shapes and I teeter back and forth. At other times the mark-making takes on priority. I do not limit myself by how I achieve these marks, be it by brush, pencil, oil bars, or even the end of my brush . It is a rhythm, a balance and a movement I am seeking. Whichever medium I use is inconsequential. I push and pull at the values, paint over or deconstruct a layer, then reconstruct it.
In the end it never seems finished, only abandoned.

The Scoop

Some good news.....

waterseries:waterfall               wave

Two of my encaustic pieces from my Water series: Wave and Waterfall have been accepted to the 2015 Winter 100 Show at The Gallery at 100 Market at 100 Market St, Portsmouth NH. Opening TBA .

 Also, I am very excited to announce that I have been asked to curate the Eye on the Professional Artist Art Show at the Eye Gallery in the Teti Library at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. I am so honored as I am an alumni of this wonderful school. The opening will be on Friday, March 6, time TBD

In the Works

           IMG_5967         IMG_5970                                                 handmaiden

I have just added a updated photo of my encaustic sculptor of "The Handmaiden". The inspiration for this piece is from the book “The Handmaiden’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. Again, I am exploring the ascribed roles of woman and the biblical abuse of these characters in this story.

To create this piece I have started with a wire mess that I have formed into the figure (The Handmaiden). (1st photo)

I then covered this armature with plaster gauze. (2nd photo)

I have now covered the plaster with many many layers of wax, fusing every layer. I like how it looks and where its going. Its very exciting to create a sculpture this way. This is my 1st time I am using this medium (encaustic) in this way and I am learning as I go.