I am a contemporary artist working primarily in oil, encaustics and mixed-media. Looking around the world with an artist eye I find that there are many things that make me stop and take notice, both in the natural and the man-made world. Usually it is something that has caught the light in a certain way. I’m fascinated by how that quality of light affects certain structures such as architecture, city scenes, boats, water and especially on the figure. The combination of strong light and shadows creates an image of a finished painting in my mind which makes it impossible for me to resist painting that image. I find that my expressive brushstrokes, mark-making and color transmits my feelings and thoughts about a particular painting, yet it is an unconscious act.

Working with encaustics allows me the freedom to be more abstract and freer as I am not confined to represent an identifiable subject matter. I often add found items such as tree bark, seed pods, glass, nails and other objects adding a element of wonder into these pieces.

I am also a forever student of the human figure and particularly fascinated with the quality of flesh, how it has mass, color and vitality; how it informs us of the structures underneath or cushions them. It is my forever muse.


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